Did you know that thousands of injuries occur each week due to electrical incidents in the home? In our everyday living and working lives, we are heavily reliant on electricity but there are many safety issues associated with wrongly installed electricals.

Research has shown that most houses do not follow recommended safety measures to prevent electric shocks and fires.

Dangers Of Wrongly-Installed Electrical Installations

Poor or faulty wiring

Damaged, worn, or cracked electrical wires that do not conform to current safety standards could result in serious issues. Checks like Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) look at the quality of wiring so that it meets current safety standards. Faulty wiring can result in fire, power surges, and other serious issues. It is essential that a professional electrician checks all wiring, so it can be replaced where necessary.

Electric outlets close to water

Water and electricity are not friends. It is essential that water does not come into contact with electricity because that can cause sparking and many other electrical dangers. Water conducts electricity so by keeping outlets away from water sources, you will greatly reduce the potential for electric shocks. Our NICEIC-approved electricians operate strict controls and will ensure any electrics are located in the right place and away from water sources.

Frequently tripping circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are put in place, so any electrical system shuts down when it becomes overloaded. Normally, you will be able to switch it back on and the system will reboot. In a property that has been properly wired, using every electric circuit should only be an issue if you are using a lot of power. If your circuits trip frequently, it could be a sign that the installation has not been installed correctly and it is important that this is looked at because overloaded electrics can lead to fire. Our electricians can inspect any consumer unit and ensure it meets current standards.

Scorching or discolouration

If there are signs of heat or scorching around electrical outlets, this shows that they are getting too hot and can be caused by burning inside the unit. Warm outlets are a serious safety concern and should be addressed by a professional electrician immediately. Equally, if you can smell burning or hear sizzling or strange noises near an outlet, they will need to be inspected as soon as possible.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights normally indicate that there could be a loose cable. This is of course a dangerous fire hazard and can be the first sign of smaller issues such as a faulty light or fixture or bigger electrical issues, including voltage fluctuations or loose or outdated lighting. Our electrical contractors can check this for you.

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